Autobiography of a Ghost by Glen Just
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"Pushed out of life at age 2, Glen Just has had a long array of experiences with near death. "Autobiography of a Ghost" tells his story of how his mother used to smother him at a young age to control his behavior and how this once went too far and nearly killed him, but leading him to his first out of body experience. Becoming a student of spirituality and new age ideas, "Autobiography of a Ghost" should prove quite intriguing to metaphysical readers."-Midwest Book Review - January 2011 - The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

"Autobiography of a Ghost" is the autobiographical memoir of Glen. A. Just. Born to a schizophrenic mother and an alcoholic father, Glen's childhood was a struggle for survival. His mother used smothering as a behavioral control when he was an infant, which triggered his first out-of-body experience. Floating out of body, he witnessed the doctor pronouncing him dead and angels coming to take him to Heaven. Instead, he opted for life. As he grew and matured, he became a life-long student of Zen, Mysticism, world religions, astral and out-of-body travel, dream interpretation, nightmare control, and hypnotism, to name a few. Using this knowledge, he continues to explore altered states of consciousness. Glen Just shares not only his personal experiences, but inspires and coaches the reader in the techniques of mind expansion and psychic enhancement that he has found so useful and productive in his own life.

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