Faces on the Clock

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In this memoir, Larry Bauer-Scandin not only describes in detail the crises of the youths whom he supervised and supported during his career, but his own personal health battles which began in childhood. This remarkable story of this remarkable man has been featured in the St. Paul, MN Pioneer Press newspaper, on WCCO TV in Minneapolis, and also on the national evening news on CBS's Assignment America with Steve Hartman. It is a wonderful, inspiring book that leaves you with a warm feeling toward this selfless man whose only concern is the well-being of others.

"If a person's true wealth is judged by by the positive impact he has on others, then Bauer-Scandin is Bill Gates filthy rich." Ruben Rosario, (St. Paul, MN Pioneer Press, July 28, 2006)

An interesting life, lived in interesting times. "Faces On The Clock" is the autobiography of Larry Bauer who began his life by being born in 1947, spent his childhood in Duluth Minnesota, and despite struggling against crippling health issues, graduated college and became a Juvenile Probation Officer in southern Minnesota. He went on to become a certified mental health professional and Adlerian therapist. "Faces On The Clock" is also the story of how he became a foster parent. Replete with accounts of memorable characters, "Faces On The Clock" is an impressive 278-page memoir and highly recommended for personal reading lists and community library American Biography collections.-Midwest Book Review-August 2010

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